FTP caching in PFSense?

  • Hi!

    I have read that squid is able to offer ftp-caching (it seems not very well, but it is possible) and even video-caching. But looking the GUI and the squid.conf file created by the GUI I have some doubts. I have been unable to solve the doubt searching in the forum.

    Is it possible to do it in PFSense?


  • FTP caching i dont think this is possible. This is my problem until now. FTP and SSH. Or user will ssh and do ftp inside ssh i dont think you can cache this. What i tried is Traffic shaper on 1.2.2. Not sure in 2.0… If you get the solutions please let me know.. This is one of my problem. Its been ages.. I wish to block this ftp thing when user use ssh.. I cant block ssh because we use it.. Thanks

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