Different Bandwidth sizes

  • I am looking to do a dual Wan setup with a 3 MEg bonded T-1 and a 1.5 Meg T-1. Will I run into issues with saturation? How does PFsesnse do loadbalancing? Is it a round robin type of load balance? I would like to to be able to weight it where the 3 Meg pipe is utilized to it's full potential and the 1.5 meg one used as well.

    Make Sense?


  • It's simple roundrobin of new connections. This way even a single client can utilize the full bandwidth of multiple WANs with multiple connections. You can't use weights for to make the WANs be used 2:1 for example. Different WAN bandwidth is no issue though. I have a loadbalancing setup at the office of 2 WANs, 2 mbit/s SDSL and 6000/640kbit/s ADSL.

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