Pfsense as an ipsec client connecting to Nortel router

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm new to pfsence, and would like to try something out for a customer of mine.
    Before i dive in, i would like to know if it's even possible.

    I have a customer that has their own travel agency. She connects to a VPN to access the bookings, print tickets, etc.
    At the moment she uses and old computer connected to a switch to access the VPN using the Contivity vpn client. After she connects, she can access the resources from both of her computers.

    I want to eliminate the old computer, and replace it with a pfsense appliance. Can i configure the pfsense in such a way that it will have a constant VPN connection to the Nortel router? I want her to be able to access the VPN from multiple computers without the need to log in though a windows vpn client.
    The connection is though IPSEC

  • I think it would be possible.  You need to contact her support for the Nortel device.  She would need to have a static IP address.

    I have talked with a friend of mine that used to support one and it should work.

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