Monitor IP and Gateway IP oddness, Multi WAN PF1.2.2

  • Hello All,

    I am attempting to setup multi-wan and am failing at the moment. I have followed the tutorial and have gotten load balancing to work correctly, the problem i am having is with the failover. For some reason i cannot get pfSense to detect when my interface has gone down correctly.

    I am using two ADSL connections, one bridged requiring PPPoE authentication which is on WAN and another that doesn't require authentication which is on Opt1.

    Ip details are as follows.

    Wan1 (BT) IP =, Gateway =, Subnet = (All assigned by DHCP, with static IP)
    Opt1 (BE) IP = 93.96.174., Gateway = 93.96.174., Subnet = (Statically assigned)
    Lan =,

    I have setup three balancing pools, per the instructions.

    The first i have set as type "Gateway Balance" with the Wan1 gateway ip set as it's monitor ip, and Wan1 and Opt1 set as gateways, in that order.

    Second i have Wan1 Failover, which has the Wan1 gateway as a monitor ip, and Wan1 and Opt1 as gateways in that order.

    Thirdly i have Wan2 Failover, which has the Wan2 gateway as a monitor ip, and Opt1 and Wan1 as gateways in that order.

    Then i have created three firewall rules, one at the bottom redirecting all traffic to Pool1, then two at the top, first redirecting all traffic destined for WAN2, to the Wan2 Pool. Then a second redirecting all data destined for to Pool2.

    This works for load balancing. However the failover isn't functioning correctly, if i disconnect Wan1 the system switches to using Opt1 correctly. However if i disconnect Op1 it doesn't detect this and continues to try and force connection down it.

    I have noticed some odd things in the GUI and i cam not sure whether they are connected.

    Firstly when i select the option to use the devices gateway for the Monitor IP, then click save. When i reopen the pool the selection box is showing "other" with a blank ip. This happens on both interfaces.

    Secondly, when i add the two interfaces to the pool, they both display the same gateway IP of 81.148.0.* rather than Wan1 displaying the above and Wan2 displaying 93.96.174.**, i am thinking this may be causing some of the problems!!

    I have taken some screen grabs of this if anyone would like to see them please let me know.

    Anyone got any idea what is going on here??



  • Please ignore the above post, i am being an idiot, i have got it all working beautifully!!!!

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to the amazing piece of software!!



  • if you may, can u post how did u solve that ?

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