IPSEC / VPN Routing Question…

  • I feel dumb that I haven't figured this out - but things just aren't flowing tonight. I have the following setup: <pfsense><–---- IPSEC----> <bizguardian>

    That works fine - traffic passes as expected...

    Now the trick is that there is a subnet behind the the firewall that it knows about

    How do I tell pfsense to route all traffic to the box to handle? I've tried a static route and adding rules to allow traffic to the lan...

    Any thoughts - sorry if its a dumb question and I'm just missing it!!

    • SystemSam</bizguardian></pfsense>

  • You need a second parallel tunnel for this as the traffic you want to send through doesn't match the tunneldefinition you already have. Add 2 identifiers at both ends to be used for this (as the tunnels will run between the same public IPs as endpoints). The second Tunnel should have the definition for <->
    Another (maybe in this scenario easier) solution is to change the subnetmask at the one end to In both cases you need a static route at the pfSense located in the subnet to the gateway to subnet.

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