Multi WAN –> Trunking or bonding

  • I am a happy user of the MultiWan/Load Balancing feature.

    Now I'm thinking, if I could impove my Internet connection to make it even better.

    My friend have a 100 Mbit/s symmetrical connection. I started of thinking, if I build up a new pfSense router to my friends house. Then I build IPSec etc VPN connections from each WAN connection to the server in my friends house.
    Could I then use the whole capacity of my two WAN connections?
    Do I need to bond the IPSec connections somehow?  ???
    Or is this my idea just impossible?  ::)

  • I think this is theoretically possible with OpenVPN bridge mode (or EoIP), though I don't think it would work with pfSense. I've posted on this previously. Try this thread for more details:,16641.0.html

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