Does Load Balancing 2 WAN include Failover Protection as well

  • I'm currently running a policy based routing with 2 WAN connections. Basically 1 WAN for newgroup downloading and 1 for all other purposes. I have also set them up as failover for each other and everything seem to run nicely.

    Question is if I change them to Load Balancing do I still need Failover or does Load Balancing have failover built-in.


  • Load balancing will detect a link is down and stop directing traffic there. If you configure it properly it should be just as resilient as the pure failover configuration.

  • thanks for the quick response.

  • The Load Balancing Rule will take care of failover. But there are ports which dont like load balancing such as
    POP3 and SMTP when used using an email client gives authentication error. In order to solve this mystery you need to create Failover rules and redirect these ports traffics through failover Rule. So that there should not be any authentication error.

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