DHCP Server for different subnet as LAN interface?

  • Hi there,

    I have a simple question. I want to set up pfSense so that the dhcpd gives my clients behind another firewall IP adresses from the subnet. My network is the following:

    Internet <–> pfSense <--> pfSense_LAN_Interface ( <--> Other_Firewall_External_Interface ( <--> LAN (
    Is it possible that pfSense is dhcp server for my net? DHCP Relay on the other firewall is configured, but if I add my network to the dhcp server page on pfSense over the GUI I get an error message that this subnet is not on the lan interface. Can I manually edit the configuration so that I can trick pfSense in giving that ip addresses to the clients instead of the IP addresses?

    Thanks in advance!

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