Traffic shaper blocks NAT bandwith

  • When I use traffic shaper it blocks my nat speed to the same speed I said in the wizard, is that ok? It should not do it, isn´t it?
    I really tested it, I just tested coping with scp, just when apply the traffic shaper rules, my nat speed is blocked to exactly the most speed I said in wizard, but I thought that the speed I said in the wizard it was for the wan, not for nat.

    maybe I`m wrong and it should work like that, and in the wizard I have to say the biggest speed, in this case the lan.

    Internet (6000k/b - 350k/b)  >–-<  pfsense NAT/wpa2 ap  >---<  clients

    wifi ap around 2,5MB/sg the most, normally around 2MB/sg

    yes, 6000/350 is bullshit, but spain is different!


  • solved, just applied rules again, and now traffic shaper does not limit LAN bandwidth , why?
    I do not why! but it works.

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