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  • Someone can share an example about creating new rewrite rule.

    My origin problem is; i want to block internet medi types like video/x-flv, video/mp4, video/x-m4v, audio/mp4a-latm, video/3gpp, video/quicktime, audio/mp4. i can do this with Destinations. adding new rule and in the expression area i add .*.(wmv|wav|avi|flv|mp4|mp3|on2). but some sites' players open a video file with no file extension. i think i can block it with mime type prevent. some guys said that "you can do it with rewrite rules". is it possible. if it, how can i do?

    Thanks already now for your helps.

  • By mime content type you cant filter(only if changes
    Possible set minimum speed for this content Squid - TrafficManagment -
    Overall bandwidth throttling [ 1 ]
    v Throttle only specific extensions
    v Throttle multimedia files

    It's set for all multimedia files bandwidth 1 kb/s

  • I could be wrong… but if the player loads the file using the IP address, your filter wouldn't block it. At least not if I'm reading it right. It appears to be looking for a .com,.org,etc. then again, it should pick up the last part of the ip, huh? weird... my only other guess would be if some players bypass http and use, for example, mms://?

  • Multimedia content may have specific extensions (.wav .wmv  ..) or part of HTTP URL (/video/.. /audio/…), and also may be inplaced in HTML page content(code).
    In first situation - proxy filter work fine - becose this is 'URL filter'
    Second situation - need content filtering (do you view different : URL and content ?). Content can will filter by proxy only (i.e. squid) squid have all possibilities for this, but not via GUI (look /usr/local/pkg/

  • Good morning all. If i use https site, I still can download the .mp4 and 3gp video. No luck for https? Just http only?

    Davao City

  • This is the squid question.
    If squid sent to squidGuard https URLS - then SG can filter this too.

  • Ok ill test it out. Tnx :)

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