Nmap 5.0 released.. pfsense soon?

  • http://www.nmap.org

    any chance we'll see this on pfsense soon? looks like a big update

  • It think its one of the big file i guess. I tried "nmap" in console 1.2.2 not working.. I thought it was already installed..

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  • I just installed Nmap 5.00 on my system.  If you're willing to give it a try, here's what I did…

    <disclaimer>Please note that I wasn't happy with the limitations of the pfSense Nmap package, so I removed it before proceeding – you may want to do the same.  Besides, running it from the shell is incredibly more powerful than running it from the webGUI.  Also, what I've done is totally unsupported, so you're completely on your own if you proceed -- I am by no means a pfSense/FreeBSD/UNIX expert).</disclaimer>

    Download and SFTP the following FreeBSD packages to your pfSense:


    Since pfSense 1.2.2 comes with lua-5.1.3_3 and pcre-7.8, and since Nmap 5.00 requires lua-5.1.4 and pcre-7.9, we will need to remove the older versions and then add the newer ones from the shell:

    pkg_delete lua-5.1.3_3
    pkg_delete pcre-7.8

    At first, I was alarmed by the warnings displayed when removing pcre-7.8.  Nonetheless, I proceeded and added the updated versions:

    pkg_add lua-5.1.4.tbz
    pkg_add pcre-7.9.tbz

    Now that we have fulfilled Nmap 5.00's requirements, we can add its package

    pkg_add nmap-5.00.tbz

    For safe measure, reboot the system:


    So far, I haven't noticed any unusual behavior due to upgrading the packages described above.  Maybe someone more knowledgeable (or even a developer) can comment on my approach and offer more insight.  Nonetheless, Nmap 5.00 is now installed and works just fine:

    # uname -a
    FreeBSD nothingface.theangrypenguin.local 7.0-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p8
     #0: Thu Jan  8 22:07:30 EST 2009     sullrich@freebsd7-releng_1_2_1.pfsense.org:
    /usr/obj.pfSense/usr/src/sys/pfSense.7  i386
    # nmap --version
    Nmap version 5.00 ( http://nmap.org )

  • Thanks for the work on this.  Would it be possible for someone to update the official package?

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