With Dual Wan, how do I route torrent traffic just to 1 WAN

  • I believe torrent, in my case Utorrent does not play well with dual wan as no torrent software can broadcast 2 public IP yet.

    If I need to route toward just to one Wan how do I do it?

    I've heard of 2 way but not sure how to complete them.

    1. Use static Outgoing Port? Is this workable in Utorrent?

    2. Create another IP to WAN interface and bind that IP to Utorrent. Then add firewall rule in LAN to route all traffic from that IP to WAN1.

    How do I do that without changing my PC system IP?

  • BitTorrent is fairly ideal for multi-WAN load balancing, at least on the download side. It should 'just work'.

  • On the download side, it's should work but upload would be out of wack I believe. With torrent we want to play fair don't we??

  • Indeed, but pfSense doesn't control this. Your BitTorrent client controls the incoming side. As long as you set up port forwarding on both WANs, it should probably work, though only one connection will be utilised. There's not really any work around for this in the BitTorrent protocol.

  • As the Bit Torrent uses a specifc protocol . IF want it to be routed through one WAN connection you can set a rule in the LAN firewall rules and let go all your bi torrent trafffic thorugh one WAN connection. In that case you will not be able to use the FailOver feature.
    In case you want to use the failover feature. IF this WAN connection goes down it will not going to shift on the Other WAN.

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