Can I Achieve This

  • Currently I have two WANs with Load Balancing and Failover

    I would like to achieve the following

    For the whole month what was the total downtime of both the WANs.(individually)

    I want to restrict uploads and downloads depending on the particular user.

    I used  squid and URL filter but every time i configure it browsing stops at my LAN and it should work in a MultiWAN setup.
    How Much of total downloads have been done by me using both the WANs.

    A live graph of a LAN Side to know which IP is using how much of my Bandwidth.

    a complete tutorial is required.

  • Downtime can be seen with the quality graph under "RRD graphs).
    If you want it more specifically you will need to set up a network monitoring solution (like nagios) on a different system

    UP/DOWN restriction depending on user should afaik be possible with some hacking with FreeRADIUS and the Captive Portal.
    Not sure what the status is. Read more in the Captive Portal / packages subforum.

    squid is not multiWAN capable.

    Look at the available packages if you want to monitor who's using how much bandwidth.

    …. I find it quite daring for you to request a "complete tutorial".
    Write one yourself....

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