Dsl pppoe client

  • Wonder if y'all might be able to give me some more info on this one. I just got a business dsl account from bellsouth that I am messing with with pfsense. The account comes with 5 static ips. When I use the dsl modem to do the pppoe, I can do a trace to one of the furnished ips and see that it is heading to the wan ip address assigned to the modem by bellsouth, but when I use the pppoe client on the WAN interface in pfsense with the modem in bridge mode, the connection works fine, but for some reason, bellsouth does not get what the wan ip it assigned was and so when I trace again it always stops before reaching the pfsense box. I have tried putting in the mac address of the modem and also trying several things in service name(although BS says you don't need anything there), but no luck. Might there be some other type of info or special packet or something that a pppoe client can send out? I admit I know very little about how pppoe works. Thanks for the help

  • The pfSense blocks everything by default at WAN, so it won't reply on a tracert. Add an ICMP allow at your WAN interface.

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