My WIFI network will not Load Balance

  • I have gotten load balancing to work for my dual wan setup and LAN PC. The only problem is my Wireless Net thus not goto my LOad Balance Pool but default to Wan1 only.

    The wireless is bridge to LAN so I'm not sure why it's not following the LAN rule. BTW, the wireless is VISTA so I',m not if this have anything to do with this.

    Attached are my routing tables. Thanks

  • My LAN routing table

  • The rule on your wireless needs to be set to use the load balance pool for traffic not destined for your local network.

  • SOlve the problem. Copy all Routing rule from LAN to OPT1. Problem Solved.

  • Just for the semantics:
    The rules you posted are NOT the routing rules.
    These are firewall rules.
    It just so happens that you force in this firewall rules a gateway other than the default gateway.
    This is called "policy routing" and has nothing to do with the routing table.

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