If Opt1 is bridge to LAN; due OPT1 auto follow LAN firewall Rule

  • Okay, cannot find a clear answer yet. Some say yes, some say no.

    If I bridge my OPT1(Wireless) to my LAN network will the firewall rule for LAN be automatically apply to OPT1. Or do I still have to copy the rule over to OPT1 Firewall rule?


  • I have confirmed there is no auto routing for OPT1 even if you bridge it to LAN. The only thing Bridge does is allow OPT1 to share DCHP server with LAN and hence same subnet. But routing for OPT1 are not automatic. You still need to explicitly copy all routing rule from LAN to OPT1 since they are essentially the same subnet.

    Why doesn't PFsense do this automatic when selecting bridge mode to LAN?

  • Because the rules are "per interface" and not "per subnet".
    You can have entirely different firewall rules / access privileges on one interface then on the other and still have the same subnet.

  • yeah boss, got that!

    Everything is good now. Not too hard at all.

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