How do I Give and IP priority

  • Hi all

    I have a box (2 actually) that send & receive small amounts of data and I want the to have the highest priority on the network.

    I went through the traffic shaping wizard and there is nothing that is obvious to me to allow a LAN address to have priority.  There are plenty of options for various applications, but I am not sure what port is being used and I am happy to let just the IP address have ultimate priority

    How do I do this - is it possible?



  • Yes, the queue rules are a lot like firewall rules. They can be based on IP addresses as well as ports. The easiest way to figure it out is to duplicate an existing rule that gives something high priority and modify it to use any port and specify a source IP address.

  • I didn't have any rules in for the traffic shaper hence the confusion.  I had run through the wizard but did not commit anything (newbie at this).

    So I created a rule using the wizard and then modified it to suit the IP address

    Thanks for the help


  • hi

    make high priority of queue for queue where high priority data is passing…

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