Help with NAT / DMZ

  • currently I have 2 Wan Ports and 1 Lan port on my PFSense box. I have several port forwarding rules connecting Wan2 to the desired server on the LAN.

    I was planning on setting up a second "Lan" as a DMZ. Each server that has public access would have an IP on the second Lan, and if needed a second card / IP for the main LAN. All public inbound traffic would be on the second lan.

    I was planning on using 1 to 1 nat connecting wan2 to lan2, but it appears that I can not do that. It seems that all NAT rules are hard coded to the LAN. Am I missing something? Is there a better setup that what I am trying to do?

    right now we have a DSL Line (Wan), T1 (Opt1), Lan (local network). Most inbound natted traffic is on the T1, most normal Lan access goes through the DSL Line.

  • There's no point in doing what you're talking about.  It will buy you no security benefits.

  • My main concern for this move is not security,

    I have been using untangle as a spam filter, and it has been working great until recently (Worked great for about 18 months, last 3 weeks it has started to give problems). I've had to reboot it a few times. Because it sits between my router and my switch (bridged) when untnagle is being rebooted everyone looses web access.

    I would like to move the location of untangle so that it is only filtering public / inbound traffic to exchange. I can not place it between exchange and the switch directly. I have many apps that send mail via exchange, and untangle will mark or deny those messages.

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