Squidguard ACL

  • i have installed squid+squidguard for 3 month
    it's rock solid … thanks to dev :D

    i need some direction for now ...
    well ... ihave 2 subnet rightnow behind pfsense
    its and
    its rule applied to and work like a charm
    the problem is, i want that rule not to applied for network
    i have try some acl, time setting in squidguard for not applied the rule to network
    i still have blocked page for network

    what should i do to acomplish for that goal ?
    maybe ... some one can give me some direction ...

    many thanks for helping me ...

  • I dont think is possible. It wont work either here but only 1 subnet it works to me. Ive searched in the forum for these but no right path.


  • yup … i have search forum before ...

    i dont know what squidguard acl, time and etc what for ...
    when i use only 1 subnet, i really never touch that part
    maybe some one can give example, what for that menu on squidguard part

    thanks ... for some another directon

  • You are can add second ACL for and assign allowed rules.
    But before be sure what this subnet allowed in firewal and allowed in the squid
    For testing check Inet access from this subnet with disabled squidGuard.

  • Thanks dvserg :)

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