Snort Blocked tab takes long time to load with over 100 ip

  • James,

    In my P4 Pfsense Box, if I have around 100 to 300 blocked IP it will takes over 10 seconds to slowly display all the blocked IP. The CPU will shoot up to 50% (My box is P4 3.0 with 3GB Rams  1.2.3-RC1 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p5 i386  ) .

    I have read the Topic in here:,10088.0.html   But any chances to improve that.

    Also could you put a delete all buttons on the top of the "Blocked" tab and check box for blocked IP to delete in the next version. It would be easier to remove blocked ip.

    Many thanks of your great works!!  :D


  • Please take a look on this attachement. CPU went 100% when there is so little traffic by just calling the Snort "Blocked" tab pages.

  • Davc,

    I use to have this problem. I found out that by enabling "Associate events on Blocked tab" Will cause your CPU to go off the roof if you clcik in the block tab.

    I have one question… where did you get the system vital and memory usage from?
    I do not see it in my dashboard.


  • what version did u used???? the gui looks nice…
    sorry not being relevant with the topic.... :D

  • You can install the "phpsysinfo" packages and then click the "Access phpsysinfo" Tab to get such information.  :D

  • DavC funny you replied today to the question I figured it a few hours ago!


    Did my answer helped you?

  • I have the same problem,… any info, how to fix this bug?

  • Love to see this fixed and new interface with search IP functions.  :(

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