Logging issues…?

  • Hey there,

    i currently installing a Pfsense 1.2.2 to make a public wifi access ; all was working great, logs with mac addr etc… and i get all traffic from the logs of squid, sent via Ftp using a script every day (with cron) ; no trouble at all.

    This morning, i tried to watch on the pfsense gui Portal Auth Logs, and there were no new entries since more than 24 hours ; i tried to log, then got back to portal auth logs and... nothing! By curiosity, i tried the firewall logs too, same thing, all stuck! I had to reboot... after the reboot, all was working again...

    So my question is pretty simple : WTF??? Is it bad luck, or logging fails randomly? This is extremely anoying... how can i be sure the logs will not fail, since the captive portal firewall etc... was working ok, i just get no logs...

    Thanks! Regards

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