I just got my pfsense up

  • I would to thank everyone who help me with all my novice questions about the router initially. Well just a heads up a few more incoming =)

    1. I installed the pfsense now can I remove the cd-rom drive update future firmwares from the webgui page?

    2. I plan to add a wireless USB adapter for WIFI on my pfsense will it auto detect if it compatible or do I have to do something like a reinstall?
    (any recommendation on WIFI USB)

    thank you again.

    I tried making a boot from USB drive but in BIOs I didn't have the option to set it to boot from USB after reset only the typical cd/hdd/ethernet. However, if I manually press boot-key it'll give me USB device.
    I wish to remove HDD to go with USB so my question is it because my hardware is old?
    URL : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00590499&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=1818343

  • Avoid USB adapters, get an atheros freebsd supported wireless driver.  I ran pfSense on an athlon 1.2GHz and it was consuming over a hundred watts of power and noisy as heck, you should get a fanless low power pc.

    Updating is troublesome for me, I had to remove the CF card or re-install from scratch to be safe.

    good luck..

  • Yes, as above. Get a Atheros based wireless PCI card, G-based as wireless N are not yet supported. I would suggest not getting the Ralink based (Linksys) due to compatibility or unstability issue.

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