• I upgraded to pfSense from a Broadcom router that runs Tomato, and the only feature I miss alot is the Real-time, Last 24-hours, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Stats.

    Is it possibly to scale RRD Graph to those values?

    We have monthly caps & Tomato made such monitoring much easier.  Also having so many graphs in one page makes my embedded board slow during rendering.

    Does the BandwidthD package run on the embedded version?


  • Hello, I recently replaced my tomato firmware with pfsense… I am still new but maybe these can help with your graphing desires =]


  • Since we're both former Tomato users (I still use it as a wireless 5 port switch), which of the those did you choose or know which replicates most of Tomato's Bandwidth stats?

    From my understanding, they require full installs, I'm not using a microdrive or a hdd, but a CF card and the newest 1.2.3 rc2 nanobsd requires the packages to be re-written to be fully compatible.  I tried an early 1.2.3 rc2 for embedded had issues and I had to drop back to 1.2.2.

    I'm on an Alix 2d3 board, can't stand using an old noisy pc for pfSense.  :-)