• Can one of the  pfsense developers take a look at the link below


    I am having some trouble installing Pfsense on a board with  P-ATA SATA with the

    ICH5 Sata Controller where pfsense would install but then hang

    and not boot, is it that pfsense for some reason does not have support for ICH5. and the Adaptec SATA RAID ICH5 drivers

    I am stuck because I can install m0n0wall and it would boot fine but pfsense won't boot  what is the difference between

    m0n0wall and pfsense boot loader that would let m0n0wall boot but not pfsense.

  • What version of pfSense are you using?

  • I have tried different snapshots starting form 1.2.1 to the 1.2.3-RC2
    built Jul 18

  • How far along does the boot get before it stalls?

    What are the last few lines to appear on the console?

    How long do you wait before declaring it "hung"?

    What type of drive are you using? (its not clear whether SATA or IDE)

    What controller is it connected to? (Intel or VIA?)

    What mode does the BIOS initialise the Intel disk controller? (There might be different names like AHCI or RAID or Legacy or Native or …)

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