PFSense drops traffic with regurlar pattern…..

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    I have used Pfsense for quite some time now…. I spend some time watching traffic graph and wondered about this....

    The hardware is IBM Xseries 335 with 2 Xeon 3,06ghz and 2GB ram.... I run the embedded version on a CF card.

    Can it be limitations to read/write on the CF card??

  • Is this on a production platform. If not I would try the same system with an HDD.

    I haven't seen this with pfsense but I have seen systems with CF cards drop traffic becuase of access latency.

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    Yes it is…. It is our frontend router/firewall. But I have options to test with harddrives.

    That will be my next move. But I like the stability of the CF. Then I dont have to worry about drives going down.

    Thanks  ;)

  • Same here. There may be an alternative for you and I am considering the same. Have you researched the SSD option? They are cheap and offer the same stability as a CF. I would even create a redundant disk array since its a production gateway.

  • You would be much better served doing a CARP cluster than putting RAID on a firewall.  More than disks fail.

  • Agreed. I think that would be the best solution.

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    The problem is, that the ISP doesnt offer more than one external IP adress….. :o

    So Carp is out of the question, unless I buy 2 more dedicated fiber connections.

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    I think I have narrowed it down to inbound traffic…. When heavy load outbound, no problems occur.


  • Again, I would point at the CF.

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    What causes the CF to act that way???

    It is only heavy inbound traffic, so Pfsense does some writing to the CF during heavy load? Or the CF cannot keep up with the writing under heavy load??

  • I have this problem as well, happens randomly… hasn't happened for a while though.

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