FTP hell

  • Ok… whre to start, well first off I'm on lan with the my server, and it runs on 192.168.118 and I run on, anyway... I try to conenct to filezilla from my external ip and I get this
    Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
    Then I get connection timed out...

    I installed filezilla on the server directly and in a VM, both are fresh installs, regardless if firewall is on or off.

    Ok so in pfsense, I have changed a lot acutally.
    Under system > advanced I unchecked the box that says disable nat reflection, also  under firewall > nat >outbound > I selected mnual outbound nat rule generaation, and I made all ports static. Then under firewall > nat > port forward > I have forwarded port 21 and 990.

    So does anyone have any idea whats going on? I mean I have gameservers running, a https file server, http server and they all work... Also another strange thing, unde filezilla under host if I put in the server's lan ip it works...

  • Nevermind I just use sftp with serv-u and it works flawlessly… filezilla sucks  :D

  • Its not Filezilla. Do a search on FTP how-to or look in the pfsense documentation. Pfsense is a little differnet that common firewalls are.

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