Rebooting pfsense remotely Dial In

  • Hi,

    I had an issue awhile back were I lost the connection to my remote pfsense and I had to go on-site to reboot the server. the GUI was't loading, it was taking forever and SSH was disabled.. so I had to go on-site

    Can I install a modem and dial in to Pfsense to reboot the server? is that possible?


  • A quick search on google reveals you can dial into pfsense, don't have the links but they are there.

  • hi

    i need to use dial in feature as well due to my isp is not giving me static ip's no more, so i need to dial into my pfsense box to find the ip in use, then i access the pfsense box wan via internet.

    help really appreciated

  • Use the DynDNS feature (Services -> Dynamic DNS).  Works a charm.

  • hi again

    sounds great, i am trying it on my home pfsense, any site explain how to i have planty of servers to setup them up with dynamic IP.

    thanks again and apreciate the effort spent on pfsense

  • If you're using DynDNS's services they have plenty of documentation, including in their forums.

  • hi again

    looks like i am reading all ddns site, this is going to take more then a week, because i only read it on my spare time as i have different job to do, kindly can you give me as start what fields to fill in pf box, then from there i will start reading ddns site what is related to the filled fields in pf.

    thanks again i really appreciate it, and if this works it will be life saver as my fix ip pf boxes some times changes for no reason so i have to disconnect / reconnect wan every once in the while for all box i have.


    1. Visit, sign up for their free Dynamic DNS service and create a host

    2. On pfSense use Service -> Dynamic DNS and fill in the fields with your DynDNS username, password and hostname

    3. Configure a rule to allow SSH access from the WAN - before you do that ensure that at the very least you're using SSH keys and have changed the password to a strong value.  You should also strongly consider moving SSH to a random, high numbered, port to avoid the script kiddies

  • hi again

    i have problem with Item 3

    i already have the rule to allow SSH access from wan, what do i do with the ssh key i created already? aren't item 1 and 2 enough?

    is there a way for pfsense to do similar thing but send the wan ip to an email?

    thanks in advance again

  • Well, if you've already done (3) then you don't need to do it again ;)

    As for sending it by email - sure, you could probably script that.  Check the man page for the "-email" argument to dd-client.

  • still my wan adress not the same as i registered with dyndns 2 days ago, still cant figure out how this works?

    when i access mydns account it shows different ip in Host Services then the ip i have in 
    wan, i dont know what i did wrong, i also configured the ssh in my pfsense box, but i dont used it, i use the username and password to access the gui.

    for the email option i think that is the best, but i dont know how to do it, if possible give me an example where to find the man page and how to modiby the script.

    thanks in advance for the help

  • Are you running only a single update client for DynDNS?  Is that device connected directly to your ISP so that it's WAN IP address is your real (non RFC1918) WAN IP address?

  • how to know if this is a single update, and yes it is a public ip, i can access it remotly when making test, but when it changes, then one of my clients have to visit what is my ip site and give me the IP over the phone to enable me again to access the server.

    but i like the email solution also, that is a good one if i can put mutiple email, then this would be very good.

  • If you can't remember what you configured, change the password on your DynDNS account and then in the pfSense config for Dynamic DNS.

  • i remember it was dynamic not fixed when i filled the form, now when i go to modify hostname i see:
    service type: Host with IP adress
    IP Address: my wan IP adress

    i hope what i did was right

  • Yes, that is correct.  Please do as I said in my previous post:@Cry:

    If you can't remember what you configured, change the password on your DynDNS account and then in the pfSense config for Dynamic DNS.

  • wow working like a charm now

    really apreciated your help

    thanks a alot


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