"port forward" an web query

  • Its not port forward, i know. But, i god an webserver, and the port 80 is forwarded to that.

    but, the problem now is: i got an radio webpage, that run on a radio server, lets say:
    radio.example.com and i need the router to forward every one how access radio.example.com web page (http) to and all the other web page querys to the webserver. How do i do that?

  • You need a reverse proxy for this. As far as I am aware, there's no supported way to do that with pfSense. You'll need to proxy the traffic inside your LAN, if you use Apache you can look into the mod_proxy module that can do this with your existing web server.

  • i use ISPconfig for all other web pages, i dont know if i should do anything to that server as is operates with vhosting, and im not that good with vhosting. heh.
    that said, how would you fix a problem like this? with a standalone reverse web proxy?

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