Wheee majic jack

  • I figured id go out and get a majic jack and try it out, from what ive read it auto installs software on your machine. Im assuming you have to have a supported os. Has anyone routed majic jack to pfsense?

    Stupid question, but why not ask…..

  • No official BSD support, some have reported to get it working in Linux, but yes the MajicJack uses proprietary software to connect and use. You'd need a lot of tinkering or Windows to connect. Maybe a Virtual instance of win, 2k or XP would do it.

    Oh something else I just thought of, there is a FreeSwitch add on to PFSense that would five you a configurable VoIp PBX, if you used that with a SIP account, that could work, also FreeSwitch works with FXO/FXS gateways to bring in or out your PTSN. I've used it a few times, don't know why that didn't kick in until now.

  • Hey thanks alot dude. Yeah I was looking over that package, but never got into detail…

    Thanks alot for the reply

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