Migration from Astaro to pfSense

  • I'm not really sure where this post goes. I did search through the forums to see if someone had a similar question, but so far I'm the only one.

    Currently we have an Astaro firewall with a TON of rules. We have two servers that will be running pfSense in a redundant fashion just as the Astaro is, and will be used to replace the Astaro. Has anyone ever migrated from Astaro to pfSense? If so, did they just manually configure all the rules from the Astaro? Or was there some way to import them?

  • There is no conversion tool.  You would be best served creating a fresh set of rules in pfSense.  Chances are good that you'll find some old rules that don't need to be used anymore.  I find this to be the case with just about every large conversion.

  • Ok. I guess it won't be too bad. Thanks.

  • Did you end up migrating?  We have the exact same situation, and am wondering if there were any lessons learned from your move?

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