Re: random knowledge about pfSense / answers to repeated questions.

  • OpenVPN:
    If you want to force your clients to send their traffic over the VPN you need to set some custom options:
    Please read the following thread for more infos:,6056.0.html

    Does anyone know, if using the same principals (AON) - will this work for IPsec instead of OpenVPN?  I prefer working with IPsec, its what most commercial VPN solutions have and/or the common/compatible ground with pfSense.  OpenVPN is a nice solution, when you control all endpoints.


  • AoN has nothing to do with the link you posted.
    And i dont think what you want is possible with IPSEC.
    At least not according to the other 5+ thread to this problem :)

    Why dont you give OpenVPN a try?
    IMO the argument that "IPSEC is a more accepted standard" is invalid.
    It's just a more up to date VPN solution than the in its age IPSEC.

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