Dual WAN WAN1 - LAN1….. WAN2 - LAN2

  • Ok, this is a weird one… and I know it can work since I had it set up before (old hardware - lost config file :(  )

    What I have is a single T1 with two subnets routed to me.
    Subnet 1 is assigned to wan1 and subnet 2 is assigned to wan2

    I want traffic from lan 1 to go out wan 1 and traffic from lan 2 to go out wan 2

    Here is how I have it setup:

    WAN1 - Static IP and Gateway
    WAN2 - Static IP and Gateway
    LAN1 -
    LAN2 - w/dhcp

    I have advanced outbound NAT enabled and have it so lan1 - wan1 and lan 2 to wan 2... currently I also have lan 2 to wan1 because that is the only way I can get traffic to flow

    for rules:
    Lan1 = Source Lan1 to default gateway
    Lan2 - source lan2 to wan2 gateway
    but here is where it goes weird.

    If I set the lan2 gateway to default all traffic passes through wan1 (because I enabled it in advanced outbound nat)
    but if I set it to wan2 then I get no flow of traffic... I can't even ping the pfsense box itself! 
    so I get an iP with gateway with dhcp ( is pfsense)
    but if I have the gateway as wan2 I can't ping at all! if I change it to default I can ping it and traffic flows.

    I'm soo confused because I can't see where I went wrong.  I've read every post I can think of... and I know I'm just missing something simple... any ideas?

    ps... lan1 works perfectly... I have 1:1 mappings and all. It's great! :)

  • Ok, got some more info for you….

    If I set the rules to source = lan2 subnet to gateway wan2 AND I set the DNS servers under the DHCP server tab (which btw are the same that are in system general... so really it shouldn't matter)
    I am able to browse the internet.  I am not however able to access the pfsense box still (or ping it).  But obviously it can pull from the box since it is processing the DHCP requests. !?!?!

    I'm banging my head here cause I know I had it working before.  Anyone else with a successfull dual wan want to share their setup?  Like I said I know I'm missing somthing simple, just can't seem to get it.

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