Psuedo dmz help

  • I need all ports open on one pc, but I don't want it physically seperated. I want to open all ports on it for a short session of a game that uses unknown ports. I was just going to go to the nat part of the firewall, but I have other port forwards… so I can't do it, because it complains they overlap. So does anyone know how to open all ports on a computer just for a short while? I know I could get another card in the router, and do a real dmz, but that's too much work. All I want to do is play typing of the dead with a friend, and hamachi has problems.

  • Do you want to host this games? (Be a server for it)
    Unless you're a server there's no point in forwarding all ports since you create outbound connections to the server which dont require an NAT forwarding.

    And even if you are a server.
    I would try to find out which ports are used.
    Somehow i dont think there's any software dumb enough to use a large random range for inbound traffic.

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