Using more than 4 Gig Ram.

  • Are there plans to be able to run 2.0 in 64bit in order to utilize more than 4gig of ram?

  • There will likely be 64 bit builds for 2.0. Needing > 4 GB RAM in a firewall scenario is extremely rare, if you have enough connections to need a state table that big you're likely outside the realm of what today's commodity x86 hardware can handle throughput-wise. But as we get into more appliance type deployments, and as hardware gets faster, it will become a bigger factor.

  • Thanks.  I was just curious. You can hardly buy a computer with less than 6 gig now.  I think that there are SOME things you could do with more ram.  With ram, powerful cpu, and hard drives so cheep now you could presumably have a REALLY BIG web cache. Or load the OS to a ram disk while still running snort in high performance AC mode.  But you are right its almost inconceivable that you would need a simple router with so much ram and if you did you could just use multiple machines.

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