• hey guys,

    this should be a straight-forward routing problem. here's the setup:

    pfsense =

    pfsense –-- host
                  --router ------ other network

    i added this static route in pfsense:

    route add -net

    pfsense can get to the 192.168.2.x network by using this static route

    the problem is that the host cannot. i can add a static route in the host to get to but then every host that needs this network will have to do this. i want all network hosts to have pfsense forward the traffic.

    in a tcpdump i see the traffic destined from the host to the .2 network, it comes into pfsense and then disappears. i'm guessing it's going out one of the WAN connections. i am not seeing drops in the firewall logs.

    any ideas?

  • Add the static route via the gui and not on the console.
    Under advanced activate the checkbox "disable firewall rules for traffic on the same interface"
    (or something like that, i dont remember how exactly it's called)