How to limit Upstream with squid

  • have been running pfsense for a year, and suddenly have something very strange.
    If I uploaded a file, my download speed drstically down, and even "dead" no one in my network can't browsing if there are one active upload.

    What happen to my pfSense? is anyone know how to limit the upstream bandwidth with squid?

    I'm very appreciate u'r help.


  • Is this an ADSL line?

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    Is this an ADSL line?

    yes it is…
    anybody please remove this to package forum. because it is caused by squid configuration...

    especially by zph and tos

  • So you could pinpoint the problem?

    Because one of the problems with ADSL is, that if you saturate one of the streams (be it upstream or downstream) you basically make the other stream unusable.
    Today some ISPs connect the enduser physically with the maximum their modem can do and shape the speed on their side, thus circumventing the problem of stream saturation.

  • you're right about it, but should it's not making my download become 0.
    because my ADSL download speed is 1Mb and upload is only 0.1Mb.

    Before it happened I set my pfsense with cacheboy, the feature of this custom "package" is very good about caching include video stream, but make me experience a slow connection when I upload something. but if I'm not uploading, the performance is awsome. very love with this.

    After looking into the squid configuration there is some line like this:

    acl images urlpath_regex .((jp(e?g|e|2)|gif|png|tiff?|bmp|ico)(?.*)?)$
    tcp_outgoing_tos 0x00 video
    tcp_outgoing_tos 0x10 html
    tcp_outgoing_tos 0x08 images
    tcp_outgoing_tos 0x02 all

    zph_mode tos
    zph_local 0x04

    on that I give example of images, so when I upload jpg file to the net, my download speed absolutely 0. solved whit comment at every line.
    so any one can give me a good config on that script. I've try the squid, but no clear explanation about the value 0x00,0x10,etc

    thank you

  • If you consume all of your upstream then you have no room left to request incoming data. Servers don't just randomly send data to you. You have to ask them for it and if your out of out bandwidth then how are you going to ask for it? With TCP each and every packet has to be acknowledged before the next packet comes. Having 1Mb down and only 100Kb up is your problem. You have very little outgoing bandwidth and it is very easy to eat it all up. You can cap file uploads with QoS to something bellow your providers cap giving you a little reserve for outgoing requests.

  • yeah, you're right. It's my ISP damn fault.
    so, it's not related to cacheboy. so please the moderator or anyone who could change the topic, to delete [squid, cacheboy] from the title and change all to how to limit upstream in squid.

    Thank you.

  • You created the topic, you can change the title ;)
    I just gave it this name when i moved it here :)

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