Use InternetCalls client

  • Hi,

    I try to use InternetCalls ( ) software through pfSense but it can't connect to server, on a client pc with Windows Xp.

    I don't understand wich is the problem,  for LAN interface I allow all port for all destination but it doesn't work.

    In same topic I read that for Voip i must use FreeSWITCH package…. Are you sure?

    Can't I enable client's ports only? ( How to??)

    Thank you very much.

  • I use VOIP (broadvoice) without any special settings, not even any port forwarding. It’s a NAT device so everything goes through NAT.

    Same thing with Skype and other VOIP application to include Team Speak.

    Your Internet Calls should work fine. Since you are having difficulty, I suggest doing one of two things. Switch to Skype or enable UPnP to find what ports the software requires.

  • Thank you.

    I try Skype  and it's works… InternetCalls has not UPnP into connection settings.

    Perhaps I have some configuration's problems into my pfSense pc... Into Traffic Graph I see that I have traffic only on LAN interface but no traffic by WAN interf.
    pfSense is a member of a Net that has a router and both pfSense's connections are into the LAN but the router (gateway) is signed for wan interface .. it's very strange becouse the internet navigation for the client works fine.

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