Ftp server behind PFsense… help, please?

  • Hi,

    im trying to setup a PFsense to allow incoming connection to TWO different FTP servers on LAN.
    my network is very simple, i have WAN and LAN interfaces with static NAT between them, no port forwarding.
    the FTP servers, one of them is on Win2008, and the other on CentOS, both allow login, but nothing happens since.

    I've looked all over this board for solutions, and tried about any single solution - nothing helped :(

    What Im trying to achieve is to be able to setup simple 1:1 NAT, and connect to each server from WAN using its WAN IP.

    Also, Im new on this boards and with PFsense, so please be patient :-)


  • Banned

    You cannot have to FTP servers on port 21….

    Give one of them 2121 and forward it to the correct server...

  • fair enough, im trying to make one server to work at this moment

  • anyone? please?  ???

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