Dual Wan with cable and adsl help please

  • Hi, i am using rc2a and have 3 network cards in my acer box.  Everything installs fine and i have connected it to the lan and have bpalogin working and sharing it around the lan so all good there.  How do i go and get the adsl2+ up and running? i have a netcomm nb5+ router but do i connect that directly to pfsense or do i connect it directly in to the lan hub?? or what mode?? never used adsl before so sorry for the basic questions.  my goal is to have load balancing and failover.

  • You additional WAN has to be connected to an additional interface of your pfSense (OPT-WAN). See http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=OutgoingLoadBalancing for how to configure it.

  • thanks, but how do i get the second connection to connect to my isp? do i let the router handle the log in or do i let the pfsense box handle the log in? i think i am a little confused.
    thanks for your help

  • You have to let the router do the login as we don't support pppoe at opt interfaces yet. It will look like a double NAT setup then. Let the ADSL-Router do the login and set the pfSense WAN IP as DMZ host at the router. Then you can use the LAN-IP of the ADSL-Router as gateway for policybasedrouting or loadbalancing.

  • thanks i will try that i will let you know how i go,

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