Re: NAT vs ROUTE to public NIC interface

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    Funny thing i 1:1 NAT…..

    On the frontpage it is talking about IP adresses.....When you click add rule, then it is talking about subnets......


  • Because you can 1:1 NAT a whole range with a single rule.
    If you want to 1:1 NAT only a single IP then write it as a.b.c.d**/32**

    (which is btw explained on the config page itself: "Enter the external (WAN) subnet for the 1:1 mapping. You may map single IP addresses by specifying a /32 subnet.")

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    Yes but it does not accept WAN adress as external IP…..

  • Yes of course not.
    On the WAN are already things running like the webGUI.
    1:1 NAT is to be used with additional IPs.
    If you want to forward ports from the primary WAN you need to use normal port forwards. (Here the same: you cannot forward already used ports).
    Why do you need 1:1 NAT anyways?
    Usually you can do it more elegantly with the use of aliases.

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