How to install Squidguard

  • I have moved from a watchgaurd to PFSENSE and I am a complete novice on this.

    I needed a web content filter for my company, I was previously using the Watchguard webblocker by surf control, which was doing a decent job.

    I tried to install squidguard to the pfsense but the installation continuously failed, I then decided to also install "SQUID" first, so I did then the Squidguard installed and was completed.  I managed to install the blacklist into squidguard and select all my preferences.

    I followed the instructions here but my content is not being filtered I can go onto common sites like etc etc and they work.

    Do I have to change any settings in "SQUID" or under Proxy? to get squidguard "proxy filter" to work? I changed a few items and set the proxy filter to 80 and now I am unable to get back into the web GUI for PFSENSE I am pulling up a page with Russian Characters, so I don't even know how I can fix this issue because I cant' get into the GUI

    Can someone please provide me with some assistance.
    Thank You,

    Update: it seems as if the squidguard is blocking pages now, but I still can't get into the PFSENSE box, this seems to be blocked as well since it's an IP address and I set the squidguard to block IP addresses in the URL bar, I don't recall the hostname of the PFSENSE either, any info on how to get back in?

  • Did you try to reboot??

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