Package monitoring through Windows or Mac OSX

  • I mentioned this in another thread but wonder if I chose the wrong forum. With that said, I thought I'd try it here instead:

    I'm running pfSense on a stand-alone PC with Snort IDS. Every once in a blue moon, Snort will fail to start after an Emerging Threats or Snort rules update is completed. Because of that, I check the pfSense dashboard frequently to insure Snort (or other packages, for that matter) are running. My question is this: Is there a way to create a helper program that sends package status information to computers on the LAN side of things? For example, I have both Windows 7 RC1 and Mac OS X running on my LAN. It'd be nice to have a small icon in the taskbar (in Windows) or the menu bar (Mac OS X) which graphically shows Snort (or whatever package) is up and running on my pfSense box. Can this be done? I realize the actual software will have to be written for Windows and/or Mac OSX but pfSense would have to send package status to the Windows/Mac OSX to make it work.

    A second somewhat related "feature" I'd like to see is a program that passes hardware information (i.e., CPU temps, fan speeds, etc.) to LAN computers running Windows and Mac OSX.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Might want to look at using something like Nagios. It has plugins to hook into a lot of things.