Squidguard - Allow a blacklisted site for a pc

  • Hi,

    I want allow a blacklisted site only for 1 pc of network. I add the Destination and the ACL but the client can't access to the site.
    I don't want remove the site from the black list because from the other pc the site can be blocked.

    What can I do ?

    Thank you

  • Create self ACL for this workstation.

  • Thank you very much for the answer.

    I wronged because I had create tha ACL for the single site and I setted like Allow … instead the right access mode is "White".

    Now the site is blacklisted for all but not for this workstation!  ;D

  • ACL not for single site - ACL for selected workstation!
    This meant what this ACL must contains src=workstation and full ruleset forthos workstation.

  • Yes, ACL for selected workastation… for the single site I create a "destination" and into the Acl the destination has a White access.