Migration from IPFW to pfSense - please recommend companies / contractors

  • can anyone recommend someone I could hire to help me (not really help me - just do it) migrate from ipfw and openvpn and dhcpd each on different machines - to pfsense?

    i have a single internet connection but 3 public networks and 2 private networks

    we are very small hosting company inside a software development company

    need help migrating from ipfw to pfsense
    need help with networking / routing issues

    i have 2 remote admins in philippines that manage hosting account
    requests - but can't do this - i have asked and they have tried

    i need to hire someone who comes recommended

    i don't have a big enough hosting company to have a senior network admin
    to do stuff like this

    we have about 50 real hosts - with some 6 to 8 virtual machine hosts
    we have a class c
    a subnet with about 32 ips
    and another subnet with a couple of ips that i was planning on using for
    pfsense failover using carp - i don't need to do that in this phase -
    but want to in the future

    i have a private network for the developers and office staff - 192.168.x
    and there's another private 10.10. that was used for backups - i don't
    know what's it for now

    we have openvpn on a box that i want integrated

    we have dhcpd and routing on a box that i want integrated

    ipfw has than approx 50 to 100 rules

    NOTE - i have asked centipede - just waiting to hear back

  • @sullrich:


    what does that mean?

    I am currently a subscriber - my subscription expires in a bit over a month.

    I still have not heard back.

    I am willing to renew - but I am customer now - doesn't that mean i get help now?

    or a quote?

    it could take time - i got a reply from Chris Buechler on the 28th - but I haven't heard from him since.


  • Looks like Chris got you squared away?

  • @sullrich:

    Looks like Chris got you squared away?

    YES!! I am going to start with the 5 hour pack! I am on my to pfsense heaven!!