Vigor -> pfSense IPSec

  • Hi,

    I have pfSense running at work now, there are a few directors etc who want the ability to have a VPN running from their routers, both of which are Vigor 2800.

    Is there a way to create a few IPSec VPNs between pfSense and these Vigors with their "Lan-Lan" IPSec feature?

    I've tried with a few different settings, but am confused by the wording used on bother interfaces!

    Any help at all would be wonderful.


  • Sounds like the LAN to LAN might be L2TP? I dont believe pfSense supports this yet, perhaps in a few versions. Or you could try posting a bounty to help epedite the addition and support the project. Otherwise you could try IPSec between the two with DES/MD5 and small bit keys, maybe it supports those? I'd say try to figure out exactly how the Vigor 2800 does IPSec then have pfSense mimic those configurations.

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