• Hi Guys. I need some help with DSL Lan-to-Lan connection. I can communicate in one direction only and I'm not sure if my logical thinking is correct. I would appreciate some help.

    Here is the picture on Site A…

    On Site B...

    DSL Connection is symmetric bridged on local loop. No Internet.

    Site A:
    Because of location of POTS, DSL connects directly into Dlink DGS3100 switch on the Net. Another DGS3100 switch on another floor connects into the PFsense LAN port.
    Also, VOIP phones are on the same net (I know) and DSL on Site B goes into Linksys SRW208P switch; this way, VOIP phones on Site B will get assigned IP via DHCP, etc, and work.

    Site B:
    DSL connects into uplink port 1 of Linksys SRW208P switch. Uplink Port 2 connects to PFsense OPT1. OPT1 is configured with Net address and No Firewall rules are in place, yet I am able to communicate on same net. However, I am unable to communicate from Site A to Site B.
    Communication from Site B to Site A works well and I can Ping, veiw systems via Radmin etc.

    On Site A, I connected cable from Opt1 to switch and assigned opt1 Net address for site B with the gateway being that of PFsense on Site B. Still no joy with communication.

    What steps could I take to correct this problem?

    I thought of VLANs, but this may impact the VOIP phones on Site B and I'm not too strong with the whole VLAN issue, so any help would be appreciated.

    As always, thanks for your time.

  • No takers?

  • What exactly is your problem?
    You are trying to connect from where to where?

    From site A to the LAN on site B?
    Did you create a static route pointing to the other pfSense for the subnet in question?

    Could you update your diagram with IPs/Subnets, and describe how you test what, how it doesnt behave, how you expect it?