• Hi, I use pfSense from 2 weeks. Every 2-3 days in the morning I find the pfSense freezed, no interactions are allowed for web interface, no navigation, nothing, I can only reboot with a reset.

    It's a normal situation? Must I scheduel a reset every night?  Or I have a problem ? What can I do to find it?

    Thank you very much.

  • What version of pfSense - is the console also locked up?

    I'd guess at a hardware problem, but we need to know more.

  • Did you try a memtest??
    When it freezes does it also indicate watchdog timeouts??
    Thermal issue??

  • Thank you for your answers.

    The version is 1.2.2.

    I didn't any tests, I must prepare a replacement for the network and then I will test the hardware.

    I find the pfsense's pc without any errors… today in the morning again and in the first reboot it stops the execution without the normal acustic signal but with a continuous signal.
    It didn't start and then I reboot again.

    Where I can find a system log?

  • This is almost always a hardware problem.  Replacing the hardware should solve this issue.

  • Ok, Thanks.