Allow OPT1 as LAN 2 to connect Internet same as LAN1 interface

  • hai,,,
    i have a case, i allready make a router machine use pfsense with 3 ethernet. 1 for WAN and 2 for LAN (LAN1 & LAN2). unfortunately the Internet can only access from the network LAN1 and for LAN2 it if i use ping to DNS or domain name just shown "Request Time Out". so, the LAN 2 can't connect to Internet.
    If maybe one of you in this forum have a advise, please help me…
    thank you


  • Did you create firewallrules for your LAN2?

  • i'm a newbie,,,so i want forum to help me,,coz i didn't now how to create rules and how to set NAT for LAN 2…?
    Can you help me...?

  • 1. Switch on DHCP on Lan2

    2. create a rule like:

    Proto    Source    Port    Destination    Port    Gateway    Queue    Schedule    Description
    *          LAN2      *            *            *          *          none