• I have a switch with STP configured at all ports.

    A firewall, 2.0 ALPHA ALPHA version 2009-06-15 then upgraded to 2009-07-26, is connected to one of the switch ports through its WAN port.

    All configurations are at the defaults.
    LAN has the IP Address
    OPT1 has no IP address and is configured as a bridge with WAN.
    All interfaces have the PASS rule from any IP allowed.

    I login to shell and tcpdump on WAN and I can see STP packets from the switch. When I tcpdump on the OPT1 I cannot see this STP neither any other STP.

    I also enabled "disable all packet filtering" and no avail too.
    What's wrong?

  • Is this off topic? or the wrong section?
    I need your help as I really failed to fix it.
    I have no FreeBSD nor pfSense/m0n0wall experience.
    My experience is 100% Linux.
    Any pointers to the problem will be very helpfull.

  • Hi,

    If this started happening since you updated to 726, then go back to 615, otherwise check to see if your pfbox configured passing the mcast frames correctly as bpdu uses well-known mcast addr for its destination. In your case mcast frames must have been discarded somewhere between WAN and OPT1.