WOB: 8.0 builds

  • Hello devs,

    wondering where to ask but throw here anyway…can you tell when, or how soon the 8.0-based builds are back online. YES, I know I am not supposed to ask anything relates to timeframe and I might already know your answers; "it's ready when it's ready". It seems that every single effort being put into nanobsd thingy, and some for 7.2 build in these days, but don't get me wrong I am not complaining just want to know what is going on for 8.0 branch.


  • Hi,

    Any news on 8.0 builds, please? Mine been stuck at Jun 06 build. Wondering back to 7.2 for the time being…


  • It should be coming in the following days.
    I brought the patches up-to-date which was the problem and now its a matter of restarting the builder.

  • Thanks for your comment, ermal.

    I would have restarted the builder right away if I were able to, will you ermal?
    Or I should replicate git tree for my own…well, may be not :-[


  • 8.0 build plz…I've waited enough as a matter of "restarting the builder".


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